Gabe Manner

mobile: +1 303 210 4596 

email: me@gabemanner.com

Charmaine Shannon

mobile: +264 81 246 2767

email: charm-shannon@afol.com.na

Jean Paul Mugisha

mobile: +250 782 499 948

email: jeypaulet@gmail.com

Sylvain Mudahinyuka

mobile: +250 788 572 621

email: smudahinyuka@gmail.com

Clarisse Mahoro

mobile: +250 788 209 958

email: cmahoro@gmail.com

Khadevis Robinson

mobile: +1 310 770 7408

email: khadevis@hotmail.com

Asthav Khasiya

India based illustrator, Asthav Khasiya, has been refining his skills in Digital Illustrations. Originally passionate about learning Asian and Anime art style, he currently likes to create logos and illustrations in different art styles.

The most important point for any artwork is that it serves the purpose with clarity while maintaining visual aesthetics.

mobile: +91 6358 078 100

email: asthavkhasiya@gmail.com

Gideon Koranteng

An educationist and an avid lover of plants and animals. Gideon currently runs a small "Animal Farm" where he tries to contribute towards supplementing the nutritional needs of people within West Africa.

On the aspect of human development, Gideon focuses on ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education through is decade long experiences in educational management.

mobile: +233 55 114 5129

email: ygkoranteng@gmail.com

Estella Triella Nduwayezu

Estella Triella Nduwayezu, a Burundian aspiring journalist living in Rwanda. After taking News reporting courses at Michigan State University, School of Journalism, she is now an Up-and-Coming Journalist Passionate about audio visual and social change.

Being both a great reader and a storyteller, she likes to be surrounded by books and she inspires lives through various animations for youth, readings aloud and the creation of stories intended to at the same time educate and to entertain.

Estella believes that entertainment-education and the media are the best tools to raise voice, awareness and call for social change.

mobile: +250 786 402 690

email: esthertriella@gmail.com

Karangwa Jacques

mobile: +250 782 323 461

email: karangwajacques5@gmail.com

Trevor Reiser

Born and raised in Ohio, with over a decade of experience in the industry. Trevor studies the treatments and mechanics of hydrology. Additionally, a real estate investor in his free time.

mobile: +1 330 770 9045

email: t24reiser@yahoo.com

Raymond Codjo Nato

Master in Languages Didactics, M.A. in Applied Linguistics, BBA in Marketing/Communication, Raymond is a talented language trainer with many years of experience. Originally a keen enthusiast of applied linguistics, he is best known for translating documents and interpreting conferences.

He is currently a facilitator of languages and cultures in Benin.

mobile: +229 61 84 94 73

email: raymondnato@yahoo.fr


Tim Knight

mobile: +1 330 502 8466

email: tdavid2003@gmail.com